Botmaster.Com: XRumer, XEvil, Hrefer, SocPlugin

Unique software for mass mailing of messages to forums and social networks, captcha detection and bypassing, search for new links to forums, guestbooks, blogs, Wiki, etc.

Capsolver: Captcha solver, auto bypass captcha

Discover hassle-free automatic captcha solving with proprietary technology: AI-driven automatic website unlocker!


BitBrowser - Best Anti-detection browser. Multi-login account group control.RPA automation. Get 10 profiles for free.


Nstbrowser is a professional account management tool that provides an independent fingerprint browser isolation environment for each account, saving account environmental costs. It has batch environment management, automatic setting of browser independent fingerprints, synchronizer, automated script production and marketing, API docking, employee management and team collaboration functions, and supports mainstream proxies..